Transwave 2016 (wave)

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The Transwave is the power pack among our wave sails. 
For riders who want to have that extra measure of power and love to blast to the next wave crest in order to do the highest jumps, the Transwave is the absolute right choice.
Compared to the Blow and the Peak, the TRANSWAVE has a deeper profile and it has no real “neutral” phase. Perfectly suitable for riders with a powerful style and/or onshore spots. 
The Dacron luff panel provides the sail with a smooth and comfortable feeling, a well-balanced and comfortable progression of power as the sail rides effortlessly through choppy water. 
The Transwave will enthuse you as a powerful wave sail which is easy to control and offers superb planing abilities whilst covering an immensely wide range of use, from wave to flat water freemove blasting.


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Transwave 2016 (wave)

Transwave 2016 (wave)